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Leann Stańczyk S.A. is a large family company employing up to 200 people. We are operating on the Polish and foreign market since 1990. We have several production and storage facilities.
Modern machinery park, in-house galvanizing plant, robotic welding , automated assembly plant, CNC services are one of the company’s many advantages.
We also offer CNC services, steel sales and roll containers production.

Our range of services includes:

  • production of light steel structures (roll containers);
  • in-house electro-galvanizing services - the latest Leann's investment;
  • laser cutting services;
  • tool punching services;
  • sale of steel products;
  • bending elements;
  • deburring, grinding, tumbling;
  • drilling, threading, chamfering holes;
  • Pressing, pumping;
  • welding of steel constructions by TIG, MIG, MAG;
  • manual and robotic welding;
  • production combined with assembly, packaging according to the customer's request;
  • transport and weighing services.

Our main customers are companies from the following industries:

  • renewable energy
  • automotive;
  • agriculture
  • construction.

We are a strong, reliable and trusted partner on the Polish and global market, which can offer almost anything in the field of steel. Acting on the basis of the implemented ISO Quality Management Standards and ERP Resource Planning Systems, we follow the requirements set by customers at the most optimized price. So if you are looking for a reliable supplier of metal elements, you’ve come to the right address!

                                                                         We invite you to cooperation.