Galvanizing plant


We offer:

Alkaline zinc:

  • White (blue) passivation;
  • Thick coating (opalescent);
  • Black passivation;

In addition, it is possible to add a sealer to prolong corrosion resistance.


  • Silver passivation
  • Transparent passivation (without chromium and cobalt)

We have an automated hanging lines which we are able to handle mass production as well. Zinc coatings produced in our company don’t contain hexavalent chromium.

We have our own well-equipped analytical laboratory that controls the galvanizing process and and measurement laboratory where the coating thickness is measured by using X-ray.

The electroplating process is carried out in accordance with PN-EN ISO 19598: 2017 and PN-EN ISO 2081: 2018.

Small production factories and local companies as well as companies representing the industry have trusted for example automotive.


We offer competitive prices, timeliness and availability in carrying out orders. Our galvanizing plant is characterized by the latest technology, innovation and high quality of used products.

Galvanizing plant in numbers:
 – Number of positions is almost 60;
 – Bathtub dimensions are 2700mm long, 700mm wide and 1850mm deep;
 – The maximum weight of processing item is 400kg.

We invite all clients who are interested in the highest quality services performed professionally and based on the highest industry standards.

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