Activity of CNC department includes wide range of services used in many branches of industry. 3 shifts work improves our productivity, shortens lead time and gives us opportunity to JUST IN TIME deliveries.
Our Quality Department takes care of all processes making sure that highest standards are met.

        CNC LASER CUTTING      

CNC laser cutting is one of the most precise methods of cutting sheets (both thin and thick).  Laser cutting uses a focused laser beam to melt material in a localised area. This method is to be used for cutting black, stainless and aluminum sheets. We offer a top quality service where our engineering skills are complimented by our understanding of the many diverse applications of finished products.
Leann Stańczyk S.A.  uses  TruLaser 5030 classic 5000W and Amada. We are planning to buy new machine soon.

Main information:
 - The maximum size of the cut sheet 1500 x 3000 mm
 -  Maximum thickness of the material being cut:
 -  Black steel up to 25 mm
 -  Stainless steel up to 20 mm
 -  Aluminum up to 12 mm


      CNC PUNCHING    

CNC punching is the most efficient method of large-scale series production of small parts. High speed, high frequency of bumps, fast tooling change are the main advantages of CNC punching. We use Tru Punch 5000 machine.

Maximum thickness of the material being punched:
 - Black steel up to 8 mm
 - Stainless steel up to 8 mm
 - Aluminum up to 8 mm



Bending process and laser cutting are often associated with themselves. On the field of bending we use 3 machines adapting dimensions and thickness of elements to particular machine, thus optimizing time and costs.

Maximum  parameters  of bended elements:

 - Material thickness up to 12 mm,
 - A length up to 3 meters.



We truly understand that our customer do not want to get unfinished product. To give the final touch we can offer:
 - breaking of sharp edges,
 - deburring,
 - precision grinding



CNC department has a large space dedicated  for storing finished elements. In order to provide stable and safe supply  to our main customers we offer the possibility of keeping buffer stock of standard elements.

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